oil and gas inspection company


As an oil and gas inspection company WhipperHill Compliance LLC offers a variety of erosion and sedimentation examination services. Here is a list of current services we provide to our clients.


  • Follow approved E & S plans on all projects to ensure contractor is in compliance with all regulatory agencies and officials.
  • Provide clients and regulatory agencies (upon request) with daily and weekly field reports to maintain compliance during all phases of construction.
  • Monitor horizontal directional drilling (HDD) activities utilizing proper contingency plans provided by clients for appropriate spill responses. All such spills are reported immediately to gas company representative(s).
  • Perform post storm water event inspections documenting any erosion or sedimentation issues that occurred during any such event.
  • Provide photographic documentation of all construction activities.
  • Work closely with environmental coordinators to design appropriate pipeline layouts to limit environmental impact. All such environmental issues that may be encountered are carefully analyzed when searching for an appropriate construction path.
oil and gas inspection company


WhipperHill Compliance LLC also provides experienced construction inspectors on pipeline, compressor station, and well pad construction. Compliance and fulfillment of all rules and regulations set forth by the many governing agencies are vital to successful construction from start to finish. We have CWI and NACE certified inspectors are available upon request. Here is a list of services our construction inspectors provide for our clients:

  • Inspectors closely follow approved E & S Plans and construction blueprints ensuring contractor is building wellpad or compressor station to designed specification.
  • Inspect welding, coating, and all other associated processes following oil and gas inspection company regulations.
  • Provide detailed photographic documentation and daily reports through entire scope of construction.